New Video: One Direction, 'Kiss You'

One Direction strike a pose in their brand-new "Kiss You" video.

Oh hai, Directioners. We don't know if you heard, but One Direction's MUCH-ANTICIPATED "Kiss You" video has FINALLY DROPPED! And we say "much-anticipated" because shortly before its release, the boys scattered video breadcrumbs in the form of 10 bazillion excruciatingly cute teasers (GUH, STILL NOT OVER IT). Thankfully, the madness has at last come to an end and the full version of "Kiss You" is ready for our unabated consumption.

Watch One Direction's "Kiss You" video after the jump.

As you well know, 1D's "Kiss You" video was set to include "stupid dancing," motorcycle shenanigansincredibly special coordinated sailor outfits, jailbird stripes, crucial shots of the bros dressed like ski bunnies, and (wait for it) shots of them shirtless on surf boards. And if we may be so bold, the lads did NOT disappoint. Arranged as a series of playful vignettes, the final "Kiss You" video has the boys getting into all sorts of silly situations (cue trillionth Monkees ref) while skiing, driving vintage cars, hanging at the beach, and -- OOPS! -- going to jail. Or more specifically, dancing while in jail. And don't think we missed those crucial last seconds where Zayne plants a big old smooch on Taylor Swift's man, Harry Styles. Because that was IMPORTANT.

+ Watch One Direction's "Kiss You" video

Photo credit: Syco/Sony