Is Miley Cyrus Already Married? (PHOTO)

The ring doesn't mean a thing...or DOES it?!

OK Miley Cyrus, it's time to sing: Did you go and get married on us?

First of all, we know that you're pretty guarded about your personal life, which is absolutely admirable. We respect that. But when we found this Twitpic of you snuggling up with your brand-new pup Bean (totally adorable, obviously!), we couldn't help but get slightly distracted by another detail in the photo: Is that a new diamond infinity band around your finger?! It's kind of hard to miss. In fact, we could probably see the shine bouncing off that ice from space.

So... did you already marry Liam Hemsworth?! Because we're feeling a little left in the dark right now. (And no, it's not because it's January.)

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If you DID get married, kudos! You've successfully outwitted the media, maintained your personal space, and likely enjoyed a romantic, intimate ceremony free of invasive paparazzi and prying journalists. That's all well and good. But on the other hand...uh, why didn't you invite us?! We wouldn't have told, like, ANYONE. Our hearts beat for love! (AND PUPPIES.) Also, if it's actually true, was Bean the ring bearer? Please just say yes.

Either way, give our love to Liam and Bean, Penny Lane, Mary Jane, Floyd, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy -- er, wait, we might be confusing your dogs with fabled dwarves. Anyway, just give our love to the whole crew!

(Calls to Miley's best friend, Lesley, were not immediately returned.)

Photo credit: Miley's Twitter