New Song: Nelly, 'Hey Porsche'

Nelly enjoys the finer things in life, including girls named after luxury cars.

Nelly's seventh album, M.O., is expected to drop sometime this year (still no official release date, unfortch), and we got a taste of things to come on the Chris Brown-assisted collabo "Marry Go Round," but now we're even MORE excited to hear the record's second single, "Hey Porsche." Never afraid to branch out musically (dude did a duet with Tim McGraw and it went to No. 1 on the Billboard Pop Chart, so he can seriously do whatever the eff he wants), Nelly trades in his hip-hop rhymes for an unexpectedly catchy pop sound (we expect it'll be an immediate clurrrb staple). It may even remind us a little bit of One Direction on the chorus. We know -- you did NOT see that coming.

Listen to Nelly's "Hey Porsche" after the jump.

It's not the first time we couldn't immediately tell whether an artist was trying to get with a car or a lady (sup, R. Kelly AND Jared Leto), but fortunately, the "Marry Go Round" rhymer makes his intentions pretty clear: "I wanna take your top off/ celebrate, a little champagne pop off." Yup, unless Nelly has some unhealthily romantic feelings toward an aerodynamic hunk of metal, we're guessing (and hoping) "Hey Porche" is really about a sexy lady. Nelly probably has his pick of the luxury car litter with his bajillions of record sales, so we suppose it's only natural that he tries to holla at a girl with an expensive automobile-inspired name (like Porsche, Mercedes, or Lexus). Note to self: Name second-born child something super pricey (our firstborn will be named Beyoncé... maybe even if it's a boy).

+ Listen to Nelly's "Hey Porsche."

Photo credit: UMG