In More One Direction News, Harry Styles Isn't Wearing A Shirt. AKA BEST DAY EVER (PHOTO)

RED ALERT: Shirtless Styles.

Everyone say it with me: "Shirtless Styles, y'all!" Today is a GREAT day for One Direction fans and shirtless Harry Styles enthusiasts (aka everybody) because not only can you watch the boys faux surfing in the brand-new "Kiss You" video teaser, but you also get to see a picture of shirtless Harry in flowery swim trunks!! Plus, a full view of his multiple tattoos! Perfect, PERFECT day.

Rocking a curious side ponytail and shades, Harry was snapped chilling in the Caribbean, giving us a full frontal view of the giant swallows tattooed on his chest, that pirate (?) ship Taylor Swift watched him get, and our personal fave: the giant heart sitting comfortably below his left bicep. Which also happens to be kinda sorta near his stunning obliques, which also happen to be kinda near his million-pack. (See how tactfully we managed to talk about Harry's abs?) We know, it was probably totally annoying for Harry to be photographed at the beach and all, but honestly, it's time we started considering these photos a civic service. Plus, now we TOTALLY feel closer to Haylor. In the non-creepiest way possible, of course.

Photo credit: Splash News