One Direction Are Ski Bunnies And Shirtless Surfers In Two New 'Kiss You' Video Teasers (VIDEOS)

One Direction partake in outdoor activities in two more "Kiss You" video teasers.

The buildup to One Direction's forthcoming "Kiss You" video is becoming borderline inappropriate (how many teasers can one fangirl handle?! RUDE). Thankfully, the full clip will absolutely drop later today. Until then, we've got two brand-new teasers for you to panic over, just in time for the actual premiere.

Watch part 4 and part 5 of One Direction's "Kiss You" video teasers after the jump.

True, the full clip isn't quite ready for us to watch, but here's what we gathered so far: In addition to "stupid dancing," motorcycle shenanigans, AH-DORABLE coordinated sailor outfits, and jailbird stripes, "Kiss You" will feature the 1D bros rocking vaguely tacky (but totally endearing) winter wear and (GASP) swim trunks. (PS. What ISN'T One Direction doing/wearing in this video?!) In the first teaser, 1D get all bundled up for a group ski trip (bulk discount on the lift tickets??), then in the second teaser, the boys take on a ::drool:: SHIRTLESS scene as they ride the waves via (faux) surfboards. It's hard to conclude what "Kiss You" will look like once all these teasers are strung together, but suffice it to say that if you've ever wondered what 1D looked like doing every outdoor activity ever, you'll shortly have your answer.

+ Watch part 4 and part 5 of One Direction's "Kiss You" video teasers. 

Photo credit: Syco/Sony