Star Spotting: One Direction's Harry Styles Perfects The Rugged Musician Look, Kinda Resembles John Mayer (PHOTO)

Harry Styles looks like quite the troubadour, which is cool with us.

We all know One Direction's Harry Styles (aka the man KISSING TAYLOR SWIFT IN THIS PHOTO!) isn't your typical struggling musician, but that doesn't mean he can't totally (and oh-so-handsomely) dress the part! Yep, even though Harry is BEYOND famous, loaded, and currently one-half of the hottest couple outside of Kimye, there's just something about his kinda rough and rugged "I'm tired and carrying my own guitar through the airport" look that is realllly working for us right now.

Harry was snapped arriving at London's Heathrow Airport on a flight from LAX. And sure, maybe Harry flew in first class, hydrated exclusively with champagne, and had someone carrying his luggage for him, but if all that wasn't happening, bro would look like your everyday singer-songwriter heading to play an open-mic downtown or busk in the subway for tips! Or John Mayer! (Ominous, since Taylor and John totally used to date.) But then you remember Harry's in a band that coordinates Elvis-themed jailhouse outfits, and the jig is immediately up.

Photo credit: Splash News