Star Spotting: Mariah Carey Invites 'Little Mariah' On Stage In Sydney, Giving Us An 'Awww' Attack (PHOTO)

Mariah Carey serenades "Little Mariah" on stage in Sydney.

We dare you to look at this photo of Mariah Carey inviting an ADORBZ little girl on stage and not awww the ish out of it. In fact, we double dare you to not get jealous when you hear that Mariah dedicated AND sang "Close Your Eyes" to her 6-year-old fan. On second thought, you're only human, and it's completely OK to be envious of a child (we think). Besides, we can't judge -- we're still insanely jealous of Mariah giving her dog onstage VIP status.

While performing in Sydney, Australia, the always flawless "Triumphant" singer invited Mariah Cini aka "Little Mariah" on stage, then shared the supersweet moment on Twitter. GUYS! No joke, it's a real mini Mariah! The story goes that back in 1998, Mariah met a fan named Chris Cini (the little girl's father), a moment which later inspired him to name his daughter after the diva (obvs). Now, some years later, the little girl (Mariah Cini) finally got a chance to meet the diva she's named for!

So, what can we learn from this heartwarming story? If you want to increase the chances of meeting your pop idol, you should start by naming your kid after him or her. Annnd now you all know why we will do everything in our power to name our future child Beyoncé. Or Kelly. Or Gwen. Or Taylor! Ugh, DECISIONS.

Photo credit: @MariahCarey