New Song: Mika Featuring Ariana Grande, 'Popular Song'

Mika's "Popular Song" duet with Ariana Grande is destined to be a big deal.

We really can't think of a time when Mika's tunes didn't make us feel good (with songs like "Celebrate" and "Make You Happy," it's pretty much your fault if you're still bummed after listening to any of them). Mika's newest track, "Popular Song" (from his new album Origin of Love) is no different. But this time Mika includes a friend to share in the fun: Ariana Grande! Sure, you may already know Ariana as Cat Valentine from Nickelodeon's "Victorious" OR from Justin Bieber's "Die In Your Arms" video, OR as the girl who's dating the SUPERCUTE Australian MTV star Jai Brooks, but after listening to her sing along with Mika, you're also going to know her as THE BEST DUET PARTNER EVER.

Listen to Mika featuring Ariana Grande's "Popular Song" after the jump!

Borrowing samples from the SUPER HUGE Broadway musical "Wicked," "Popular Song" sticks to Mika's successful music formula: peppy beat + catchy melody + playful lyrics = perfect song to bounce around to. Better yet, Adriana's vocals are a flawless mesh to the feel-good vibe. But don't be fooled by the title -- the song's not an ode to the peeps at the cool kids' table -- it's actually the ULTIMATE comeback anthem dedicated to haters: "Standing on the field with your pretty pom-poms/ Now you're working at the movie selling popular corn/ I could have been a mess but I never went wrong/ Cause I'm putting down my story in a popular song." Translation: "You were mean to me, and now I'm awesome and payback is in this famous soon-to-be Top 40 hit -- sorry that I'm not sorry."

More fun facts? Ariana may already have her foot in the door at the cool kids' table with Mika, but we're excited to say that she'll debut her very own album in 2013.

+ Listen to Mika featuring Ariana Grande's "Popular Song."