Here's What Kim and Kanye's Daughter Might Look Like (PHOTO)

OBVIOUSLY, someone made this already.

After years of friendship, months of courtship and sweet serenades, it's all come down to this moment: Baby Kimye!!!

It's no doubt been a whirlwind week for Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, what with everyone chiming in their distaste support  for the pair's soon-to-be bouncing bundle of joy. We provided some helpful parenting tips for the couple earlier this week, Jay-Z is likely sitting at home knitting a Roc Nation onesie as we speak, and Blue Ivy is probably already in talks with producers for their upcoming reality TV series, "Babies in Paris." (Wait, that should seriously happen.)

But sometimes, people take things a bit... uh, further.

Read more about what Kimye's unborn daughter might look like after the jump.

Take, for instance, this: a rendering by portrait artist Dr. D'Lynn Waldron, which utilizes "the latest computer technology" (fairly certain this is a freehand airbrush design sprayed onto a T-shirt at a nearby Westfield Shopping Mall) to show us an "extraordinary glimpse" at how baby Kimye may look at 8 years old -- assuming the baby's even a girl, of course. (And if it's not a girl, Kimye's unborn son is sure to have a BLAST knowing what he COULD have looked like -- and by "a blast," we mean "scarred for life," of course.)

That's right! A person ACTUALLY took time out of their busy lives (exactly how busy is questionable) to merge together the "eyes and face shape" of Kim and "nose and mouth" of Kanye together, Frankenstein style. ("Monster" reference!) Talk about a twisted fantasy...

Look, this stuff of rendering 8-year-old faces is weird enough in its own right, but that's not even the worst part. I mean, are we honestly meant to suspend our disbelief for one minute and assume that the child of sometimes fashion designer Yeezy and DASH Boutique Empress Kim would ever be caught wearing an ugly, oversize hot pink turtleneck? Now, that's just plain offensive.

Photo credit: D'Lynn Waldron / Splash News