Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Makes The ULTIMATE 'Derp' Face While Getting A Pedicure (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez makes a perfect "derp" face at the nail place.

We've all been there. You're getting pampered at the nail salon like Selena Gomez is in the picture above, when suddenly, just as you're getting your feet rubbed with that crazy painful exfoliating stuff they use (the heels! THE HEELS), someone says, does, or texts something really weird, which begets your ULTIMATE "derp" face (it's basically the "DGAF/WTF/TMI/LOL" all rolled into one). Sure, no one wants to be snapped making said face (it's not what you would call flattering), but fortunately for Selena, she still manages to make the most attractive, un-"derp"-y "derp" face ever. Mazel! We're gonna start practicing THAT in the mirror instead of smizing!

We can only begin to imagine what made the "Hit The Lights" singer "derp" with such conviction. Maybe the manicurist wanted Selena to wear some awful color and not the official color of 2013 (which is emerald, duh), or maybe someone left a stupid/mean comment on her Taylor Swift dance routine video? But we'd really like to imagine, since she's holding her phone, that she got some random text from Justin Bieber (Ex? Not an ex?! WE STILL DON'T KNOW!!!) that read something like "can you come back to my place and help me fold my laundry" or "u up?" followed by "sry, i know it's 2 p.m. that was in drafts" or "let's watch an all-night marathon of an 'Extreme Couponing." While you and I would drop ANYTHING (ANYTHING!) to spend time with the Biebs, Selena's been there and ain't got no time for that. We are "derp"-ing FOR HER. Herp-a-derp!

Photo credit: Splash News