One Direction Are The Cutest Jailbirds We've Ever Seen In Their Latest 'Kiss You' Video Teaser (VIDEO)

One Direction fought the law in their "Kiss You" teaser.

Is there a world record for how many costume changes a famous British band can make in single a music video? 'Cause we're pretty sure One Direction is gunning for it! Just recently, we scored a video preview of the guys as sailors (AHOY, hunks!), and now the blokes are showing off their bad boy side as stylish Elvis-referencing jailbird inmates in their latest "Kiss You" teaser video. And while most style experts would say vertical stripes (and a criminal record) don't look good on anyone, obviously One Direction can, unsurprisingly, make it work. Because they're not just "anyone."

Watch One Direction's latest "Kiss You" video after the jump!

While we can already expect some shirtless moments and motorcycle scenes, the newest "Kiss You" teaser video catches the guys showing off their dance moves in jailbird outfits straight out of Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" classic movie moment. (The bright orange jumpsuits of today would one hundred percent not work as well). The guys rock striped tees and popped collars, and polish the look off with some exposed white socks -- basically a perfect Elvis-Presley-meets-"West Side Story" wardrobe. There's also a moment where one of the boys slides down what looks to be a firefighter pole -- WAIT! Could this mean that they'll show up in firefighter outfits next!?! Well, we don't have any solid answers yet because One Direction is MAKING US WAIT FOUR MORE DAYS to see the full video when it officially drops on Jan. 7 -- which is like, SOOO far away! (Clearly, having more patience was not one of our new year's resolutions.)

+ Watch One Direction's Elvis-inspired "Kiss You" video teaser.

Photo credit: Sony/Syco