Austin Mahone Splashes Around In The Ocean, Misses A Prime Opportunity To Remove His Shirt (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone is the CUTEST beach boy!

Austin Mahone OWNED 2012: He opened for Taylor Swift, met Justin Bieber, and scored a record deal all while making fans swoon at his consistent cuteness. So of course he would start 2013 off right by frolicking in the ocean to a) remind us that he's just as adorbz as ever, AND b) he's reached such baller status that he doesn't even have to worry about getting his clothes wet. Oh, and in case you were wondering if he kept his duds on because he's not "beach body ready," here's a shirtless pic to remind you that HE IS FIT.

The "Say Something" singer shared the photo on his Instagram along with the caption "Hey baby when I look in your eyes I can tell your holding something inside!(;" If you're any kind of Austin fan (if you're not a MAHOMIE yet, make this your new goal), you've already figured out that the caption's a lyric from his latest single, "Say You're Just A Friend." If we were going to put our heartthrob-thinking-caps on (a real accessory that we just made up), we'd HAVE to guess that Austin's photo might also be a little teaser for the tune's upcoming video. Either that or Austin's photo is a metaphor for his career: He's officially moved on from chasing lame waterfalls to bigger and better things -- entire oceans! (We know, we're reallly deep thinkers.)

Photo credit: @austinmahone