One Direction Wear Matching Sailor Outfits (!!) In Their 'Kiss You' Video Teaser (VIDEO)

Oh, nothing...just One Direction in MATCHING sailor outfits!

We were so sure that nothing could beat the time One Direction wore pastels and held cute puppies, OR that other time they got their faces stamped on toothbrushes. Then again, we didn't realize that the future held 1D dressing up as...SAILORS. Yes, adorable, nautically themed, navy blue-wearing sailors, fully equipped with THE HATS (you know the ones). That match, no less! And nope, you're not having that vaguely inappropriate 1D-themed dream again (tugs collar nervously). You're just watching (and rewatching, over and over and over again) the teaser for the bros' forthcoming "Kiss You" video.

Watch One Direction's "Kiss You" video teaser after the jump.

While we've already learned there will be "stupid dancing," shirtless surfing scenes, and motorcycle shenanigans, the latest clip reveals that the boys will be wearing the aforementioned sailor costumes AND Elvis Presley-esque inmate outfits (excuse me, my HEART JUST STOPPED). And then there's also that solo shot of Harry Styles in a goofy Hawaiian shirt and lei. Wonder how the other half of #Haylor feels about her man getting leid by someone else! BAHAHA! (And that's us taking things to a whole new level.) Look out for the full "Kiss You" video when it drops on Jan. 7! ::Sets 17 different iPhone reminders::

+ Watch One Direction's "Kiss You" video teaser

Photo credit: Sony/Syco

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