Rihanna And Chris Brown Take Their Hands Off Each Other Long Enough For A Slurpee Break (PHOTOS)

What's a Slurpee between old friends?!

It's pretty much safe to say that the "are they or aren't they?" portion of the Chris Brown and Rihanna (Crianna!) saga is over. Because the couple that downs Slurpees together, stays together, no? Alternatively, if you're comfortable enough to let your significant other see the embarrassing red color your mouth turns after chugging a Slurpee (which is not unlike rocking a beige-colored sweatsuit), then you're definitely on. #LE SIGH.

Check out more photos of Rihanna and Chris Brown stopping for a drink after the jump.

In between taking their love courtside at The Lakers game, almost definitely spending New Year's together, and coupling up in Africa, the "Nobody's Business" collaborators made a quick pit stop to quench their thirst with a good old-fashioned Slurpee. We know, you have opinions on Crianna! Us too, but no matter what you think of their relationship, you just CAN'T DENY HOW SATISFYING SLURPEES ARE. Icy-cold sugar drinks and Cinnabons are what keeps us sane, fed, and happy on all road trips/at the airport. So if nothing else, at least Chris and Ri have decent taste in snack beverages.

Photo credit: Flame/Flynet