Star Spotting: Warning! Nick Jonas' Hotness Is Capable Of Melting Actual Snow (PHOTO)

Skiers beware! Nick Jonas might melt your snow.

It's no surprise that the youngest Jonas brother, Nick Jonas, is a total DIME PIECE, but we're just now learning that Nick's hotness is actually a public safety hazard! Well, at least when in the presence of snow, icicles, and maybe also skating rinks? Or basically anything capable of being melted by Nick's smoking hot gaze, and probably also the milli-pack abs we know he's hiding under all those pesky layers!

After a successful "reunion" performance in New York City and promising some new Jonas tunes for the new year, it appears that Nick has headed off somewhere chilly to start his 2013. Personally, we'd much prefer it if Nick visited somewhere so hot that it required n0 shirts at all times, but beggars can't be choosers. Not sure what you're doing later, Nick? Any chance you'd fancy a low-fat hot chocolate in the après-ski lodge? Oh, you would? Great! Meet ya there, babe.

Photo credit: Nick Jonas' Instagram