Buzz Bites (1/3/13): Watch Girls' Generation's 'I Got A Boy' Video

Watch Girls' Generation's "I Got A Boy" video.

+ Watch Girls' Generation's "I Got A Boy" video. The K-pop phenoms appear in multiple outfits and locales that boast a dizzying array of colors (the song has about as many time signature changes as well). If you ever wondered what being inside a rotating kaleidoscope was like, this is probably as close as it gets. (Idolator)

+ Check out Kendrick Lamar's NSFW "Backseat Freestyle" video. The black-and-white video, which he co-directed, is set in Compton and Paris. (Billboard)

+ OutKast fans are in for a treat. No, Big Boi and Andre 3000 haven't announced a new album, but the pair will appear on two tracks. Big Boi's adding verses to Frank Ocean's "Pink Matter" and T.I.'s "Sorry," both of which feature Andre 3000. (RapFix)

+ Ne-Yo may have already shared that he's working with Beyoncé on her forthcoming album, but he's been careful not to reveal TOO much. "I've been sworn to secrecy. Man, you're trying to get me into trouble. Come on! Jay-Z is not a person you want mad at you! I got to be quiet!" he said when pressed for details. (MTV News)

J. Cole originally planned to drop his sophomore studio album, Born Sinner, on Jan. 28 (also his 28th birthday), but the rapper has since revealed that he wouldn't make that date after all. "In a perfect world it would come out on the 28th, but even when I announced that I knew that it was very far-fetched." (RapFix)

+ Chief Keef, who is on an 18-month probation, may be facing jail time for moving into a new home without alerting his probation officer of the change of address. He already faces alleged probation violation for handling a gun during an interview. (RapFix)

+ Country music legend Patti Page passed away on New Year's Day. She was 85. (Billboard)

Photo credit: S.M. Entertainment