Star Spotting: Usher Gets All Matchy-Matchy With His Adorable Sons, Wins Rad Dad Award (PHOTO)

Usher hangs out with his two adorbz sons!

Just when we thought that photo of Usher and his $12,000 Goldendoodle was the cutest thing EVER, Ursh went ahead and one-upped himself with a this photo of himself hanging out with his huh-dorable sons. Between this and his recent skydiving escapade, we think it's safe to say that Usher is (in the wise words of Oprah Winfrey) "living his best life." Also, it's official: We're making it our 2013 goal to be just like Usher! (OK. Our real goal is just to look like Usher shirtless, and even that's probably unattainable. So, back to gawking at Usher photos it is!)

The "Numb" singer shared the picture of the family hangout on Instagram along with the caption "The boys kickin it!!" While we love that the photo basically looks like the perfect Father's Day card (get on that, Hallmark), we just can't get over the fact that there are two little children carrying Usher's dancing/swoon-inducing genes in their blood. (Also, Usher totally wins this year's rad dad award, which isn't a real thing but should be.) Between Blue Ivy Carter, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's burgeoning baby, and Usher's cute kids, we're going to give it about 10 years until the world is completely overrun by beautiful celebrity kids who dominate at everything. I'll be over here in the corner fruitlessly doing half-assed crunches in a futile attempt at Usher's abs in the meantime.

Photo credit: @howuseeit