Lil Wayne Got Another Face Tattoo, Leaving Very Little Free Space On His Head (PHOTO)

Weezy's face is merely a canvas for art to flourish.

Lil Wayne is, to put it delicately, a man of many decorations. Dude is tatted up to the gills! Sure, he's already got a virtual treasure map of face ink going on, but all that leftover space on Weezy's forehead must have been taunting him because he is now the proud owner of ANOTHER tattoo! And we sincerely doubt that Lil Wayne will care what others think of his latest ink -- because he literally made a song called "No Worries."

Snapped with the ink still fresh on his face, Weezy permanently marked the logo for the skateboard company, Baker, on his forehead, as pointed out by MissInfo. We have some serious questions regarding this latest artistic venture, however: Is the overall goal to be completely covered in face tattoos, Lil Wayne? Like, from forehead to chin? If so, there's not a lot of real estate left in the neighborhood. If it were us (read: SCURRED), we would just go the Demi Lovato route with temp face tats. Sorry Tunechi, we're gonna sit this one out. Call us when you want to get a sensible ankle tattoo. You look great, though!

Photo credit: LilWayneHQ