New Video: Sky Ferreira, 'Lost In My Bedroom' (VIDEO)

Sky Ferreira makes the home video we WISH we had.

Sky Ferreira has officially graduated from breakthrough artist status, because at this point, she's straight up brokethrough (is that a word? Probably). With her full-length debut, I'm Not Alright, dropping this year, Sky has us awaiting new cuts (we've been staring tearfully into our Spotify player for longer than we should admit) like a bawse vet who's been in the biz for years. Take the latest video from her compulsively listenable Ghost EP, "Lost In My Bedroom," for example. The pop clip adopts the simple notion of making a homemade video (like everyone used to do when they were kids... or, this past weekend if you're us) and turns it into a flawless lo-fi masterpiece.

Watch Sky Ferreira's "Lost In My Bedroom" video after the jump.

The clip, which opens with a warning for those sensitive to flashing/strobe lights, finds the "Everything Is Embarrassing" singer filming a dance party in her room, complete with club lights, VHS tapes, and a house full of friends. Not only does Sky capture a cool-not-creepy voyeuristic vibe, but she also manages to make us feel utterly jealous: Why can't anything we put on YouTube look like this? Maybe it's just time to face facts and accept that adding a filter to our videos doesn't not make us lamestreamers. We'll leave the pro-style post-modern VHS mastery to Sky.

+ Watch Sky Ferreira's "Lost In My Bedroom" video.

Photo credit: Capitol Records