Beyonce Shows Off 'Ratchet' Style, And We REALLY Hope She's Hinting At A New Song (PHOTO)

Beyoncé rocks "ratchet" style. Could it be the title of her next single?

While my New Year's resolution is to succeed beyond day one of a juice fast (failed already, btw), Beyoncé's was obviously to make the world go H.A.M. over her forthcoming album. We've already lost it over the rumored collabos with Miguel, Ne-Yo, and some a potential Justin Timberlake cameo (PLEASE, BESUS, LET THAT BE TRUE!), but this latest photo of Bey in ratchet earrings has us going off. Between this pic and Kimye's baby announcement, we already can't even with this year. Yo, 2013, you're WINNING.

In case you're not up on the lingo, "ratchet" has many definitions. It's like the "shalom" of contemporary slang! It means "sick," it means "nasty," it means "wild," and the "I Was Here" singer recently gave us a pretty solid visual interpretation of the term on her Instagram. (There are some highly NSFW interpretations, which you're welcome to Google in your free time, and if you're Rihanna, "ratchet" means pretty much everything.) While you stare at Bey's sexy snarl, check this: According to some rumors, "Ratchet" may be the name of Beyoncé's first single on her new album!!! If that's not enough to make you lose your mind, some superfans are speculating that "Ratchet" is a collaboration with Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks!!! Now everyone, let's make it our collective New Year's resolution to constantly pray/meditate/use the power of "The Secret" that Beyoncé decides to perform the possible new song at her upcoming Super Bowl performance!

Photo credit: @baddiebey