Star Spotting: Beyonce Is DEFINITELY The Hottest School Bus Driver We've Ever Seen (PHOTO)

If Beyoncé can drive a school bus, then I'm convinced that ALL things are possible.

The teachers we had growing up meant so much to us, and we're totally thankful for everything we learned from them. BUT! We admit that as awesome as our educators were, they definitely were not Beyoncé, possibly the greatest human on Earth. And just by looking at this picture of Queen Bey next to a school bus fully convinces us that if she became a teacher, she would be the best teacher ever, or if she became a bus driver, she would be the HOTTEST bus driver OF ALL TIME.

After the "I Was Here" singer uploaded the above pic to Tumblr, we started wondering -- what would a Beyoncé field trip would be like? Perhaps a trip to the art museum? Or maybe the recording studio? OR she could take a school bus of lucky students to the Super Bowl to watch her perform in the halftime show! There are SO many possibilities. All we're saying is if Bey ever tires of the musical life (though we hope she never does), she has a backup career in education. If nothing else, she would definitely be the only bus driver/teacher we knew cooler than Ms. Frizzle from "The Magic School Bus."

Photo credit: Iam.Beyonce