Mariah Carey Can't NOT Pose When A Camera Is Around: Skiing Edition (PHOTOS)

Mariah must always WERQUE. It's in her nature.

Mariah Carey, one of our favorite patron saints of the holiday season (she did bestow upon us "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and the children's classroom version with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots), is truly a goddess among us mortals. How else would it be possible for her to be so quick with a pose for every time a camera is pointed in her direction? It's like she was born with the reflex! IT JUST ISN'T POSSIBLE, FOLKS. The only thing we're a little unused to seeing here is her noticeable lack of cleve, but it is probably freezing where she is, so we're OK with this.

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The "American Idol" judge was snapped while on vacation in Aspen, Colo., probably ready to hit the slopes (or shop at all the expensive stores, just sayin'). Anyway, if you can manage to look away from her glowing smile and blinging jewelry, you'll see that Mimi's actually clutching a couple of candy canes. Yes, Mariah is indulging in one of the sweetest treats of the season (NOTE TO SELF: Start going to the gym again in 2013), and we can't help but notice that girl is SERIOUSLY prepared for every photo, with props to boot! So you know those holiday photo/cards you took? The ones that you painstakingly edited for brightness and contrast? Then added reindeer antlers and elf hats? Yeah, Mariah just blew them out of the water in ONE take. Unbelievable.

Photo credit: Splash News/Pacific Coast News