New Video: Pierce The Veil, 'Hell Above'

Pierce The Veil break on through to the other side in "Hell Above."

There's a reason we picked San Diego's Pierce The Veil as one of our Buzzworthy Breakthrough Artists of 2012 -- and that reason is because they have incriminating photos of us that we really don't want to get out. No, but seriously, we're suckers for their brand of anthemic, hooky metal-core and furiously squealing harmonized riffs, both of which are on full display in their new "Hell Above" video. (Double serious about those photos, guys.)

Watch Pierce The Veil's "Hell Above" video after the jump.

The song is taken from their album Collide With The Sky, which sold more than 80,000 copies since it was released this summer, which, wow, these days, adjusted for inflation...*breaks out calculator* that's like eight bajillion copies. Their previous video, "King For A Day," is already well over 6 million views. Looks like that whole "I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous" thing they had going didn't work out too well!

To "pierce the veil," by the way, means to break the barrier between the real and illusory worlds, to go through the looking glass, in other words, which this video does a pretty good job of, illustrating the difference between the quiet of backstage and the circus of performance. (Cool preshow squat thrusts!)

+Watch Pierce The Veil's "Hell Above" video.

Photo credit: Fearless Records