New Video: Girls' Generation, 'Dancing Queen'

Just the NINE members of Girls' Generation in color-coordinated pants. THAT'S ALL!

You might remember Girls' Generation as the K-Pop supergroup with -- try not to panic -- NINE WHOLE MEMBERS. As Asia's No. 1 reigning girl group, the K-Pop posse is poised for an American takeover in 2013, and in preparation for the release of their fourth studio album, I Got A Boy, the ladies have released a video for their brand-new single, "Dancing Queen." In simpler terms, it's basically Girls' Generation's cover of Duffy's "Mercy" -- in Korean. With the word "Dancing Queen" thrown in intermittently. Which is why we LOVE IT!

Watch Girls' Generation's "Dancing Queen" video after the jump.

Originally filmed in 2008 but never released (BUT WHY NOT?), the video is a gift to the Girls' Generations diehards obsessed with the girls since the very beginning. Fluttering about in color-coordinated outfits and batting their eyes at the camera, "The Boys" singers receive a pink (obvs) time machine, which enables them to travel all the way back to the beginning of their career until they finally land in 2013, where we get a preview of the girls' brand-new look. You're probably in the process of relegating this clip to your "guilty pleasure" list, but seriously, you should stop that right now. It's time to come out of the Girls' Generation closet! Zero guilt whatsoever. No regrets. Just love.

+ Watch Girls' Generation's "Dancing Queen" video.

Photo credit: S.M. Entertainment