Watch The Backstreet Boys Perform 'As Long As You Love Me' On 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' (VIDEO)

Backstreet Boys are singing "As Long As You Love Me." NBD!

Let's just call this our Hanukkah gift for the next eight YEARS, because not only are the Backstreet Boys in full reunion mode, but they performed my personal favorite "boy band single" of all time, "As Long As You Love Me," on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." Yep, I'm fully open about the fact that shivers IRL ran down my spine when Nick Carter sang this song in 1997, and guess what? I got 'em again. Because Nick (and the rest of the bros) have STILL EFFING GOT IT. (Clearly, Nick Carter was my very first crush and I'm still working through those feelings).

Watch the Backstreet Boys perform "As Long As You Love Me" on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" after the jump.

The Backstreet Boys stopped by "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" to perform their new Christmas song, "It's Christmas Time Again." Then, thanks in large part to some brilliant producer we'd love to send flowers to, the boys performed their classic "As Long As You Love Me" for a web exclusive. Backed by Fallon's in-house band, The Roots, instead of singing to the classic "As Long As You Love Me" track, BSB sang over The Spinners' classic "I'll Be Around." We're into One Direction and The Wanted as much as the next fan girl, but those boys need to show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T the originals who helped pave the way. BSBFLYFE.

+ Watch the Backstreet Boys perform "As Long As You Love Me" on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." 


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