Star Spotting: Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Go For A Couples Mani-Pedi! (PHOTOS)

Wiz Khalifa takes the so-pregnant-she's-about-to-pop Amber Rose for a mani-pedi!

Guys... GUYSSSSSS. This photo is bringing us unending joy for many reasons, and we bet you can guess each and every one of them. Because OBVS, here is visual proof that Wiz Khalifa, the man who spits manly verses in songs like "Rise Above," loves himself a rejuvenating mani-pedi WITH his girl. How TRILL is that?

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Moving right along, our hearts are in full freak-out mode right now over the fact that Wiz and Amber Rose's "couples activity" is going for a joint mani-pedi! And whether or not he really wanted to spend the afternoon in the pedi chair (though why wouldn't he? Those paraffin-dip manicures are SPECIAL), these days Wiz seems to be all about catering to his expecting Amber. One minute he's teaching couples everywhere how to love on the 2012 MTV VMAs red carpet, then posing for vaguely emo "we're pregnant!" pics, and now he's participating in a couples spa day and CARRYING AMBER'S PINK SNEAKERS FOR HER! Seriously, Wiz, you're nailing the role of doting father-to-be. Side note: Amber, you're rocking the preggo glow, and we simply cannot wait to meet your kid, aka Blue Ivy's new best friend.

 Oh,  just Wiz Khalifa carrying his soon-to-be wife's pink sneakers. BEST BF EVER.


Photo credit: Splash News