Star Spotting: Niall Horan Wears A Who T-Shirt, Reiterating One Direction's Impeccable Taste (PHOTO)

Niall Horan probably makes the BEST mixtapes. Just sayin'.

One Direction keeps us on the edge of our seats for a number of reasons. Obviously their amazing voices are No. 1 -- that's why we can close our eyes to a lyric video and still be satisfied. Also, it doesn't hurt that they all look unbelievably GORGE, and that's why we're like, "PLEASE COME OUT WITH THE REAL VIDEO SO WE CAN SEE YOUR PERFECT FACES NOW!" (We're an emotional bunch as Directioners.) But another reason we love 1D is their impeccable taste in music and clothes (remember when Louis Tomlinson wore that Killers T-shirt?). Also, seriously, if Harry Styles can make an ugly Christmas sweater look good, then ANYTHING is possible.

Arriving with his bandmates for their appearance on the finale of "The X Factor," Niall Horan was snapped wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with classic British rockers The Who's logo. This would only make sense, as both groups played the Closing Ceremony at the London 2012 Olympics! So, as gigging buddies (just stay with us here), it's only fair that Niall rocks a T-shirt from the rock gods. We can only hope that The Who will return the favor by purchasing a One Direction Onesie or a Future Mrs. Payne T-shirt. Perfect Christmas gift! No one will judge you, promise.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News