This Holiday, Give Your Favorite Rihanna Fan The Gift Of Rihanna's Rih-Cards!


We've got so many things to thank Rihanna for this year: Her BRILLIANT "Diamonds" single. Her amaranthine use of the word "ratchet" (seriously, Rihanna probably said ratchet more often than she wore pants.) Having the balls to charter a 777 plane, chill out in first class and not GAF about what dozens of members of the international press say about slumming it in coach. Oh, and her rock-solid commitment to constantly posting selfies of herself nakeder than you or I when we first emerged from the womb.

Check out more Rih-Cards after the jump.

But perhaps the greatest gift Rihanna's given us this year is the gift of her endless bon mots, favorite Bible passages (highlighted!), pearls of wisdom, armchair philosophies, and occasional mass-market, pedestrian restaurant cravings (sometimes enshrouded in a haze of green smoke), generously and selflessly posted to Twitter and Instagram. And thankfully, MTV News has captured some of Rihanna's finest musings and created Rih-Cards -- they're just like SomeECards, but they've been Rihanna-fied to ratchet extremes.

For the Rihanna fan who can't afford the $250 Diamonds Executive Platinum Box (or already bought it), what better way to spend zero dollars while simultaneously expressing your adoration for Rihanna than by sending a Rih-Card?

+ Check out MTV News' Rih-Cards, and send one to the least basic b*tch you know!

+ Plus: Watch Buzzworthy's Tamar Anitai and MTV News' Christina Garibaldi discuss Rihanna's biggest moments of 2012:

Photo credit: MTV News / Jessica Hyndman / Getty Images

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