New Video: Timeflies, 'Swoon' (NSFW)

Watch Timeflies rage in their "Swoon" video.

In case you hadn't noticed, we've got a little music crush on Timeflies. (Okay fine, it's also a face crush, but there's totally music in there too.) We first introduced you to Rez and Cal when we brought you their epic "One Night" video, and we made sure to include them on our list of Favorite Breakthrough Artists of 2012 because, well, they've totally broken through to our hearts. And considering our commitment issues, that's definitely a big deal.

Watch Timeflies' "Swoon" video after the jump.

In the boys' brand-new "Swoon" video, Rez and Cal are having an epic night of debauchery. But unlike most clips which, you know, start at the beginning, "Swoon" actually begins at the end. Okay, most of the clip actually plays in reverse. (Because our vertigo isn't already bad enough.) So it's only after you see the boys completely knackered in a random hot tub that you learn the kind of ridiculous shenanigans that landed them there in the first place. And then there's that one time the boys get kicked out of a posh nightclub and end up in a bizarre hotel room that sorta reminds us of the one in Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" video. We'll let you uncover the rest of Timeflies' epic night yourselves (perhaps a good plot line for "The Hangover Part III"?), but eyes akimbo for a chick grinding on a flagpole. Because we feel it's necessary to warn you about that.

+ Watch Timeflies' "Swoon" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Timeflies' Facebook.

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