Buzzworthy's Best Pop Star Pets Of 2012 (PHOTOS)

Sometimes, the best celeb accessory has four paws and poos on the ground.

As 2012 draws more near to a close (be sure to check out our many retrospectives, we got 2012 on lock ya'll), we think it's time that we honor some of the best and most unshakable relationships we cherished in 2012: the ones between man (or woman) and pets! Hey we get it, sometimes you just need some companionship, like when your GF breaks up with you (we see you Justin and your hamster).

Miley Cyrus provided us with SO many precious puppy moments!

We've shared so many great pet-related memories this year! Taylor Swift and her cat Meredith nearly breaking the internet, Miley Cyrus and her serious pack of puppies (R.I.P. Lila), Psy REVOLUTIONIZING how we think about horses. It's been quite a whirlwind! So snuggle up with your best furry friend (if you don't have one a pillow will make an adequate, but inferior, substitute), and take a look at the best pop star pet photos of the year!

Check out Buzzworthy's Best Pop Star Pets of 2012 photo gallery, and see more stars and their pets after the jump.

Who's a very lucky, very rich kitty? Taylor Swift's kitty's a lucky, rich, good little kitty! Yes she is!

Lady Gaga riding (and matching) with her pup, Fozzi.

Mariah duets with her pup like it's totally normal, because NO ONE else could get away with it.

Joe Jonas with a whole crew of dogs. Ain't nobody messin' with his clique!

"tHIS GOLDENDOODLE WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY OF THE $12k I PAID FOR IT!" -- What we guess Usher's saying.


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