Star Spotting: The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran Loves Himself A Pair Of Interesting Socks (PHOTO)

Siva appreciates an interesting sock, and we appreciate him for it.

This may sound weird, so please feel free to judge all you want ("sticks and stones," ya know?), but socks are a totally underrated fashion item. We're used to seeing all these celebs tweeting about their haute couture dresses and their spiky Louboutin heels, but nobody (and we repeat, nobody) ever takes a minute to appreciate the sock -- the item meant to protect your feet! That is until now, of course.

It's a big day for sock enthusiasts because Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted has just devoted an entire tweet to his, and we're thinking it's gonna change the sock game in a big way. As the story goes, the "Glad You Came" singer was at a photo shoot and understandably felt the need to acknowledge his noticeably AWESOME (green-and-white) socks. He tweeted: "Doing a shoot with some interesting socks." OK, OK. Maybe Siva didn't exactly use Twitter to declare his undying love for socks, but can you blame us for stretching the truth a bit? Initially, we were gonna be all "Guys, SIVA'S HAIR!" But then we decided to play it cool and keep our fangirl blackouts to a minimum, hence the sock angle. So when we say "look at Siva's socks," we really mean "look at his stunning hair and bulging biceps." After that, you should watch The Wanted's "12 Holidaze" video. It's a killer combination.

Photo credit: @SivaTheWanted