New Song: Dido Featuring Kendrick Lamar, 'Let Us Move On'

Listen to Dido's new jam "Let Us Move On," featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Dido's no stranger to the hip-hop scene: Remember Eminem's 1999 "Thank You"-sampling smash, "Stan"? You know, the song that inspired the name behind the internet's rarest breeds of über-fandom? That's right: Stans! (Used in a sentence: "The Britney-Stan swore revenge on the Rihanna-Stan in Buzzworthy's annual pop music face-off.")

Now, nearly five years clear of her last studio album, the British songstress will be returning in 2013 with Girl Who Got Away, due out in March. And one of the most anticipated cuts from the new record -- "Let Us Move On" featuring Compton-bred rapper Kendrick Lamar -- has just arrived this week for all to hear.

Listen to Dido featuring Kendrick Lamar's "Let Us Move On" after the jump.

This time around, Dido's finding hope in the face of turmoil instead of, you know, singing about a deranged fan with his pregnant wife locked in a trunk. Produced by constant collaborator (and older brother -- aww!) Rollo Armstrong and super producer Jeff Bhasker (best known for his work on Kanye West's masterpiece 808's and Heartbreak), the slow-striding number finds the British songstress gliding along crisp, modern production and punchy drum loops. "Let us move on, for this is short and it will pass," Dido calmly assures us on the song's heavenly chorus.

While this may be Dido's first official foray into hip-hop, Kendrick's no stranger to dabbling in pop music. (He recently collaborated with our favorite Princess High chanteuse Lady Gaga for an unreleased ditty called "B****, Don't Kill My Vibe.") With Dido, Kendrick's verse drives the point home: "I can make the decision to let it all go away," he resolves. Considering New Year's Eve (and/or the Mayan Apocalypse) is right around the corner, it's kind of the perfect message of optimism for the moment. Let it all go, and Dido will lead the way!

+ Listen to Dido featuring Kendrick Lamar's "Let Us Move On."

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