Star Spotting: Mindless Behavior Own A Speaker Made Out Of Skittles, Because That's How Famous People Do (PHOTO)

Mindless Behavior turn dreams into reality. Well, dreams about candy, anyway.

Mindless Behavior are pop superstars. And pop superstars can do AND get pretty much anything they want (see: Beyoncé and her pinball and candy machines). When you achieve a certain level of celebrity, you just snap your fingers and *POOF* -- cool stuff appears. So when the guys from Mindless Behavior wanted a speaker made of Skittles, it was ACTUALLY given to them. Forget the mansions and the cars and the personal chefs -- THIS is when you know you've made it.

The "Hello" singers were snapped with the sweet piece of technology on Twitter, captioned: "u gotta check this stereo @SKITTLES sent us!!!!! :D being mindless = taste the rainbow!! #gift #nom." Seriously, where is the sign-up list to get cool stuff SENT TO YOU, and how do we get ON IT?!?! Though I do have one piece of advice for Mindless Behavior regarding their newly acquired swag: You guys should probably avoid taking that thing outside in the summer, just in case it melts and gets stuck to the table or something. Things could get messy. Or somebody mistakes it for party refreshments. Just us lookin' out for you, guys!

Photo credit: @MindlessBhavior