New Video: She & Him, 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'

A cartoon Zooey Deschanel sets out to seduce M. Ward in She & Him's "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

When we picture an evening with Zooey Deschanel, aka one-half of the indie-pop outfit She & Him, we basically picture a sleepover resembling something like Abby Elliott's "Bein' Quirky" sketch on "Saturday Night Live." There's a lot of baking, knitting, cupcake eating, sing-alongs, and cat picture-taking. Well, in She & Him's new video for their cover of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (the song is taken from last year's S&H Christmas album, A Very She & Him Christmas), Zooey puts her adorkable side on hold in favor of aggressively seducing She & Him's other half, M. Ward. Did we mention Zooey and M. Ward are drawn as cartoons? Whatever gets your fire cracklin', guys!

Watch She & Him's "Baby, It's Cold Outside" video after the jump.

Drawn as a retro-style cartoon, Zooey is doing everything possible to get M. Ward to stick around her rather Harlequin romance-inspired cabin. She's got a fire burning, a bottle of red at the ready, a cute dress on, it's snowing like mad outside -- who could resist? Well, it seems M. Ward can, because he's just dying to get out of there (although we can't imagine why -- who says no to Zooey Deschanel??). After doing everything from barricading the front door with snow to actually sort of roofie-ing his drink (?!), Zooey finally gets M to relent. Just as he's about to make his escape, M has a change of heart and returns to Zooey's house holding a mistletoe above his head. AW. He came back! It's all kind of rom-com inappropriately persistent and IRL terrifying, but still, AW.

+ Watch She & Him's "Baby, It's Cold Outside" video.

Photo credit: Merge Records

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