Watch We Came As Romans' 'Let These Words Last Forever' Lyric Video

We Came As Romans scream it like they mean it in "Let These Words Last Forever."

"I'd rather have my words remembered and not my name," We Came As Romans' David Stephens and Kyle Pavone scream in the blistering new lyric video for "Let These Words Last Forever." Blasting the words in a giant, quaking font is a pretty good start in that regard, we'd say. "I'd rather have this message remembered and not my face." True enough, the band's faces are nowhere to be seen onscreen here, so, you know, bonus points for practicing what you preach.

Watch We Came As Romans’ "Let These Words Last Forever" lyric video after the jump.

Premiering today at Hot Topic, the Michigan metal-core outfit's clip appears to be a combination of two things: a fan-made lyric video uploaded to YouTube and a traditional cinematic cut about a group of friends on a desert road trip.

"I am who I am because of the things I've done," they sing. "I'm not proud of them all, but I'm ashamed of none." A good message to be sure, albeit a lot more intense than when we last saw the band covering The Wanted's "Glad You Came."

"I don’t think there is any greater meaning than to keep on spreading the idea and concept of love," guitarist Joshua Moore said around the time of the release of Understanding What We've Grown To Be. That's as good a summary of the message behind the song here as any. It will appear along with two other new songs, "Hope" and "The King of Silence," on the digital deluxe release of the album due out in January as the band kicks of their stint on the 2013 Take Action Tour with The Used.

"We are really excited to be releasing new, original music for the first time in over a year, and we thought the best way to do this was to release a song that combines the best elements of To Plant A Seed and Understanding What We've Grown To Be," Moore said of the new song, which, he thinks, "shows the direction we are headed in for our next album. We're striving for the best combination of progression and staying true to our original roots."

+ Watch We Came As Romans’ "Let These Words Last Forever" lyric video.

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