5 Things We Love About Cassadee Pope, Winner Of 'The Voice' Season 3

Here are five reasons why we LOVE Cassadee Pope, winner of "The Voice" Season 3!

Not to be that guy, but we were Cassadee Pope fans wayyyy before she won Season 3 of "The Voice." No, seriously. She was our prom date in 2009! We talked to her about not really liking the taste of fish and how she's all about "living the dream" -- because that's how close we are. We KNEW HER WHEN. So you can imagine how psyched we were to see the former Hey Monday singer perform for Maroon 5's Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton when "The Voice"'s third season kicked off in September (all four judges offered her a place on their team, but Cassadee ultimately chose Blake). Now we couldn't be prouder that Cassadee WON. Duh! Have you heard her sing "Torn"? And that was only her audition! You'll be crying by the end! So just in case a few of you are a little unfamiliar with the punk-pop-turned-pop-pop singer's background, let us enlighten you: Here are five reasons we love "The Voice" Season 3 winner and former Hey Monday singer, Cassadee Pope.

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1.) Cassadee's drug-free and proud of it: We don't mean to sound like an after-school special, but how many pop stars nowadays are that vocal and unapologetic (no pun intended, heh) about their commitment to staying completely drug-free? Not only has Cassadee openly discussed her choice to eschew any and all drugs, but she's even worked with drug abuse prevention program Natural High, and shared her story in their DVD series, which is distributed to more than 16,000 schools across the country.

2.) Cassadee's collaborated with All Time Low: When Cassadee was with Hey Monday, she became fast friends with Buzzworthy fave All Time Low. Not only did Hey Monday tour with All Time Low several times, but Cassadee also appeared on two Don't Panic tracks ("Backseat Serenade" and "So Long, Soldier"), she made a brief appearance in All Time Low's CD/DVD, "Straight to DVD," and she even dates All Time Low drummer Rian Dawson. #POPPUNKLOVE.

3.) Cassadee's also friends with Pete Wentz: Before Blake Shelton was her coach on "The Voice," Cassadee had a mentor in former Fall Out Boy singer Pete Wentz. Hey Monday were initially discovered when Pete Wentz heard one of their demos, which led to the band signing a joint record contract with Pete's label, Decaydance, and Columbia Records. Hey Monday went on to tour with Fall Out Boy, and Pete even prepared a video wishing Cassadee good luck before her first audition in September.

4.) Cassadee's a Warped Tour vet: Like we said, Cassadee's got a major pop-punk background. To recap, she's been singing with Hey Monday since 2008 (on an indefinite hiatus as of 2011), is BFFs with ATL, DATES the drummer from ATL, was signed to Pete Wentz's label, and like any punk rock kid should, took her seat on the Vans Warped Tour bus alongside bands like Motion City Soundtrack, The Rocket Summer, and Pierce The Veil in 2010.

5.) Cassadee's got a billion buzzworthy singles: Like we said earlier, we've been in love with Cassadee/Hey Monday's ultra-catchy strain of emo-pop for literally years. Check out "How You Love Me Now," "Secondhand," "Candles," "Homecoming," and "I Don't Wanna Dance."

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