Lady Gaga Wore A Metal Catcher's Mask, Because That's One Way To Distract From A Bad Hair Day (PHOTO)

Gaga wore a catcher's face mask. Because sometimes being a pop star is like playing baseball.

You probably already knew that Lady Gaga had a penchant for fashion-forward headgear because after all, you did vote her MTV Style’s Readers’ Choice Best-Dressed Woman, and "dressed" also means wearing stuff on your face! No, not just your head. FOR YOUR FACE. Examples? Just a few months ago, Gaga rocked an all-flower football helmet and now, she's she's protecting her precious mug in an all-metal catcher's mask draped in chains! And knowing Gaga, this ish is solid sterling silver. Scratch that -- platinum. Only the highest-quality protective face gear for The Gags.

According to Gaga's oft travel companion and BFF Terry Richardson, The Lady rocked this stunning face mask while en route to rehearse for her recent gig with The Rolling Stones. We're not quite sure why Gaga felt the need to protect her face in an already seemingly protected vehicle (plus, a mask makes it extra hard to eat prerehearsal snacks), but if Mother Monster has proven anything, it's that she'll probably be in a new outfit by lunchtime. Plus, maybe she was having a bad hair day! And didn't feel like wearing a hat! We also want to keep comparing her face mask to stuff. Like Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises"! Or Hannibal Lecter! (Um, safe to say he figured out a snack work-around.)

Photo credit: Terry's Diary