Bruno Mars, Lolene, Vita Chambers + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Wednesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!"

This week's roundup features the return of an underground dance-pop diva, a Barbadian beauty, some Scandinavian sad disco, and a tantalizing musical debut by one of the world's most famous burlesque dancers (who isn't a member of the Pussycat Dolls).

1.) Bruno Mars, "Treasure"

Pop prince Bruno Mars' new record, Unorthodox Jukebox, is an almost infuriatingly solid collection of soul, Motown, and disco-inspired tunes, and "Treasure" is one of the album's most precious gems. The track sees Bruno cooing, crooning, and charming his way into a girl's heart above a shimmering fest of throwback funky beats and dirty bass lines: "You're everything I see in my dreams/ I wouldn't say that to you if it wasn't true," he promises. It's so instant and infectious, it might as well be an unreleased Earth, Wind & Fire smash.


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2.) Lolene, "Drum Dumb"

Darling dance diva Lolene's been missing in action for a while now. After dropping her sensational club cuts in 2010 -- including "Sexy People" and bona fide life mantra "Rich (Fake It Til You Make It)" -- the pop singer-songstress found herself frustrated with a lack of label support and has gone the independent route ever since. But she wants you to know: She's still got a pulse. On Lolene's brand-new 12-track mixtape, She's Got A Pulse, the songstress brings her signature power-pop freshness back to the scene. "Drum Dumb" is just one of the collection's many vibrant bursts of catchy melodies, featuring an earworm of a chorus and a dance floor-friendly throb. It's like she never missed a beat.


3.) Vita Chambers, "Fix You"

Like Rihanna and Shontelle before her, 19-year-old songstress Vita Chambers got her start several years ago after being discovered in Barbados by production company SRP Records. After releasing her debut EP in 2010 and opening for the likes of Justin Bieber, the Bajan beauty is now preparing to launch Stateside next year. "Fix You" is our first taste of new music from Chambers, and it's a monster. The surging club-pop stormer sees the songstress wildly yelping her way across manic beat breakdowns: "I can't stop how I'm feeling, it's like I need you/ And if you let me, I can fix you," she cries out on the in-your-face banga before the song dives into wild, warped, dub-y dimensions, nearly bursting at its seams. That's one way to make a first impression!


4.) Röyksopp featuring Susanne Sundfor, "Running to the Sea"

Electronica duo Röyksopp is responsible for producing some of the most fantastic female pop vocalist collaborations of the past decade, including "The Girl And The Robot" with Robyn and "What Else Is There?" with The Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson. Now, they've returned this month with a new vocalist in tow: Norwegian singer-songwriter Susanne Sundfor. "Running to the Sea" is the first of several new tunes from the pairing, and the result is (unsurprisingly) gorgeous: "I remember running to the sea/ Remember falling to my knees," Sundfor heartbreakingly croons above Röyksopp's lush synthesizers. As with everything else Scandinavian -- it's sad, it's disco-y, and it's absolutely everything.


5.) Monarchy featuring Dita Von Teese, "Disintegration (Mighty Mouse Remix)"

A burlesque performer and a British electronic duo walk into a studio. Nope, not a punch line -- it actually happened! This year, the fabulous Dita Von Teese teamed up with Monarchy to produce her very first foray into the music scene, "Disintegration," due out officially in January 2013. To tease the steamy new track, the duo released a free remix last week, which gives us just the right sneak peek of what's to come. "Disintegration, suffocation/ My life is taken, annihilation," Von Teese purrs midway into the remix, her airy vocals seductively gliding across the deep disco vibrations. And with a video still to come featuring Dita as a housewife gone bad, "Disintegration" seems all but destined to become 2013's first major musical moment.


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