Star Spotting: 3 Adorable Photos Of Britney Spears Laughing, Because It’s Almost Britmas And We Deserve It (PHOTOS)

Britney Spears laughing is really the only gift we need this holiday season.

In the words of the legendary Donna Summer, Britney Spears works hard for the money. Really, though, she topped Forbes' 10 Top-Earning Women In Music 2012 with $58 million (uh wow, can we borrow 20 bucks?). What we're trying to say here is, with all of that hard work on "The X Factor," having your own fragrance(s), and also being one of the world's biggest pop stars, sometimes it's necessary to have a little laugh. TRUST, we've been there, Brit. And it's our prerogative (had to), to celebrate the miracle that is the Holy Spearit and bask in the joy of her laughter. (We don't have 58 mil in the bank, though, so we're more like cry-laughing.)

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NOPE, still funny!

Appearing at the "X Factor"'s final press conference of the season *TEARS*, the "Scream & Shout" singer appeared to have caught a serious case of the giggles and went for a ride on the LOLercoaster. Maybe Britney remembered that hilarious thing Simon Cowell told her the other week. Or maybe Britney's experiencing one of those moments when you TRY to hold it in, and then it just totally backfires and into inappropriate laughing, and then it only makes it worse (aka "The Giggle Loop"), and pretty much you're a one-woman LOL patrol. Believe us, that's pretty much half of our day at the office. The other half is split between daydreaming that we're in One Direction and making GIFs, in that order specifically.

This is that part when you're catching your breath after cry-laughing and you're like, "Whoooooo."

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Photo credit: Splash News