Video Premiere: E.B. Wright, 'What I Wanna Do'

Watch E.B. Wright's new "What I Wanna Do" video. Did we mention she's Eazy-E's daughter? 

Guys, meet E.B. Wright. But when we say "meet," we actually kinda mean "meet again," because you may already recognize her for several reasons: First, E.B. is the daughter of the late Eazy-E, and second, she's a familiar MTV face, having already appeared on "My Super Sweet 16" and later, on "My Super Sweet 16 Presents Exiled," in which E.B. was exiled to the countryside of Mongolia to live as a nomad. Yep, Eazy-E's daughter spent time living as a nomad -- that's a real thing that I'd like to ask her about. Third, we recently previewed her forthcoming "What I Wanna Do" video, and now, we've got the entire thing for you to check out right now. #ThankUsLater. (Drake reference definitely intended.)

Watch E.B. Wright's "What I Wanna Do" video after the jump.

In "What I Wanna Do," a kiss-off/ girl-power track that wouldn't be out of place on an early '00s Avril or Jojo album, E.B. takes over the beach and parties on the boardwalk with her friends. After some oceanfront cavorting, E.B. and her girl crew hit up a record store, then give an impromptu performance in an abandoned parking lot. (Just another day!) Not sure if this will resonate with any of y'all, but I'm getting serious Hoku "Perfect Day" vibes. Doesn't this song sound like it could be the theme song for the kind of teen TV show you secretly can’t stop watching? Like that one that may or may not have starred Jamie Lynn Spears, and that you may or may not have watched every day after school? And there's the TMI blackout I was hoping to prevent.

+ Watch E.B. Wright's "What I Wanna Do" video.

Photo credit: E.B. Wright