Listen To Cody Simpson's 'Super Beach Kids,' A Reimagining Of Frank Ocean's 'Super Rich Kids'

Cody Simpson turns Frank Ocean's "Super Rich Kids" into his own "Super Beach Kids."

Covering Frank Ocean seems like the obvious choice these days because, well, Frank's songs are the effing best. And while you might expect that "Thinkin Bout You" would be the cover song of choice, we've been quietly waiting for someone to cover our personal favorite Frank Ocean jam (and the true sleeper hit of Frank Ocean's Grammy-nominated R&B Channel Orange debut) -- the Earl Sweatshirt-assisted "Super Rich Kids."

Listen to Cody Simpson's "Super Beach Kids" after the jump.

Cue Cody Simpson: Not only has he covered Frank's "Super Rich Kids," but the pop singer took it one step further by reimagining the tune entirely and changing the setting from say, the Upper East Side, to the beach. Changing the title to "Super Beach Kids," Cody keeps Frank's melody and overall vibe intact, but instead of singing about privileged kids, Cody sings about his beach-obsessed pals. And rather than "searching for some real love" as per the original, the kids in Cody's version prefer to search "for them real waves." Instead of starting his day "up on the roof," Cody starts his "morning on the sand." Honestly, we don't even like the beach (um, wrinkles, duh), but this jam makes us wanna grab some SPF 100,000 and hit the sand. With an giant umbrella, of course. And in a few months, because it's COLD OUT right now. Nicely reinterpreted, Cody. You done good.

+ Listen to Cody Simpson's "Super Beach Kids."

Photo credit: Cody Simpson's Instagram