Rihanna Looks Radiant Without Makeup, And She Even Remembered To Wear A Shirt! (PHOTO)

Rihanna poses makeup-free (and clothed!), is still stunning.

We'll keep this one short and sweet because, well, we're not sure we wanna spend all day talking about how gorg Rihanna looks without makeup (our jealousy issues are raging today). That said, we feel it is our civic duty as faithful members of the Rihanna Navy to bring this unique Rihanna photo to your attention.

After seeing a flood of stunning Rihanna photos surface over the past few months (both clothed and not clothed...OK fine, mostly not clothed), it's kind of refreshing to see the gal who was just named MTV News' "Rockstar Of The Year" rock with with no makeup (pun intended, obviously). And in a long, black, fully-covering-her-entire-body knit sweater to boot! (Maybe she finally gathered it was cold out?) Don't get us wrong -- we're not complaining about our ever-growing collection of fully made-up, basically nake-o shots of Rihanna, it's just nice to see the natural side of her too. Which brings us to our final and most crucial point: Would you get a load of that bone structure!? #Cheekbones.

Photo credit: @Rihanna