Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Is The Biggest Tease On The Planet (PHOTO)

First you see Joe Jonas' stunning mug, now you don't!

There is nothing, we repeat, NOTHING, better than a Joe Jonas selfie taken while lying down in bed. (So many things we could say here, but this is a family blog, so we'll keep it clean.) And that's exactly what we thought we were getting when we clicked on one of the middle Jonas' recent tweets. Here we were all like, "look how hot and scruffy Joe looks taking a quick catnap in bed with a floral duvet cover!" Then we realized that maybe this floral duvet cover possibly belonged to Joe's rumored new girlfriend, because why would Joe have a floral bedspread? But nonetheless, we were like "HE LOOKS DAMN GOOD."

But then, as if someone was trying to seriously give us a panic attack, this stunning selfie of Joe transformed into a torturous GIF that, brace yourselves, covered Joe's beautiful mug! As you can see in the GIF above, Joe felt it was appropriate to place what we believe to be a gray knit hat over his stunning face, and then make a GIF of it. Sure, we appreciate the creativity and all, but didn't your mama teach you NEVER to mess with a Jonas face? Come on now, this is basic common sense.

Photo credit: @JoeJonas