Happy 32nd Birthday, Christina Aguilera! Here's A Music Video GIF Wall Dedicated To Your Legend Status

Happy birthday to our Ledgentina!

Guys, guess what day it is...it's Christina Aguilera's 32nd birthday!! Can you believe she's one of those people who's birthday is so close to Christmas that she probably gets DOUBLE presents? (Well, considering that it's Xtina, we're not surprised -- she probably planned it that way from birth.)

We're so proud of everything Christina's accomplished -- which is SO MUCH. Not only has Christina been pouring out hits since 1999's "Genie In A Bottle," but we've been obsessed with her decade-long style transformations (uh, remember "Dirrty" and the subsequent birth of Xtina?). And obviously we've been nothing but obsessed with her comeback album, Lotus, and watching her coach wannabe singers every week on "The Voice." In fact we're SO proud of our Legendtina, that we felt it necessary to make a GIF wall capturing all her iconic music videos. So, let's take a take a trip back into the Christina Aguilera music video vault to relive all her finest teen pop/drrrrty/beautiful/bodylicious moments. Happy birthday, Christina! You are beautiful!

Check out Christina Aguilera's music video retrospective/birthday GIF wall after the jump!


GIFs courtesy of T. Kyle / @tkylemac from the RealityTVGIFs Blog