Watch The Wanted's '12 Holidaze' Performance Of 'White Christmas' (VIDEO)

Nope, you haven't died and gone to heaven. It's The Wanted singing "White Christmas"!

Perhaps you already saw Austin Mahone sing "Jingle Bells" with his mom and a well-placed golden retriever? And were so overcome with "AW" that you had to sit down for a few minutes? Was that just us? Um, moving right along... Next up on MTV's "12 Holidaze" performance list is one of our favorite (boy) bands EVER -- and we don't just mean that because of their adorable accents -- it's The Wanted! The "Glad You Came" singers chose to sing "White Christmas" for their "12 Holidaze" segment and yes, the golden retriever (whose name is Stormy, btw) is there, too. Because it's just not a "12 Holidaze" video without him.

Watch The Wanted sing "White Christmas" after the jump!

Honestly, it's hard not to grin your way through The Wanted's "White Christmas" rendition. Not only are the boys harmonizing just so, but class clown Max George has jokingly covered his face and head in puffy white cotton (aka fake snow) so that he resembles a weird-looking Santa (or just himself in 50 years). We kinda had a feeling The Wanted would get a little silly on set judging by their would-be greeting card and Max's penchant for beard hats. While the guys sing a cappella in a circle, Stormy the dog chills next to them before scampering off (The Wanted wave him off), and then returns as the boys exclaim, "He came back!!" Seriously, beautiful (British) boys, pitch-perfect voices, AND an adorable dog? We love our jobs.

+ Watch The Wanted sing "White Christmas."

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Photo credit: MTV