Gwen Stefani Looks Like A Flawless Matador On The Cover Of Vogue, Because She Can (PHOTOS)

Gwen Stefani werques it on the cover of Vogue.

On one hand, every time we see Gwen Stefani we feel a ray of hope for the future, because if someone can look THAT good after having two kids, then there's honestly ZERO for us to worry about (assuming we apply all the right moisturizing creams and take all the right Pilates classes). On the other hand, we've heard from solid sources that Gwen's not actually an IRL human with normal aging genes, which definitely changes things. And unfortch, we're kinda leaning toward the genetically modified beauty-bot theory because, well, looking this hot in general isn't normal, let alone at 43 and after the two kids thing.

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Dressed in an ultrastylish matador-inspired getup, Gwen and her ridiculous BOD and FACE graced the cover of Vogue's January issue, in which she opened up about her family, touring, and being the leading lady in a rock band: "There have been some times where I have felt that really s****y feeling of being like, Gosh, do the men in this world even think that I’m on their level?" Maybe, but that's just 'cause the other rocker boys are jealous they don't look as hot as you in skinny jeans, Gwen! Don't even worry.

No Doubt's frontwoman went on to discuss the ever-evolving dynamics between her and the rest of the band: "We know that we all play a role. But there was a time when it was confusing. It was messy. The breakup, the new relationship, everyone recognizing me. All of that stuff feels like it's so far away now; it's just us as friends, so grateful to be doing what we're doing still." Yeah, and we're grateful you're doing it too, guys. (Can I get an amen?!)

+ Watch a behind-the-scenes video from Gwen's Vogue shoot, and check out more photos. 

Photo credit: VOGUE/Annie Leibovitz