New Video: The Killers, 'Here With Me'

The Killers pose with "Here With Me" director, Tim Burton.

The Killers are on a video-releasing spree! After recently dropping their video for "Miss Atomic Bomb," now we've got even more new visuals from the boys, this time by way of their Tim Burton-directed clip "Here With Me." And did we mention that it stars Winona Ryder? And that it kinda/sorta/maybe could pass for the sequel to "Edward Scissorhands" (minus the Johnny Depp with the hands part)? Yeah, get EXCITED.

Watch The Killers' "Here With Me" video after the jump.

Thankfully, the famously strange auteur's clip is about as "classic Tim Burton" as "classic Tim Burton" can get. The video is dark, atmospheric and eerie, and serves as the perfect backdrop for lead singer Brandon Flowers' lush vocals to soar over. Interlaced with performance shots, we see the story line of a young boy who becomes obsessed with Winona Ryder. The young boy steals a life-size Winona doll (à la Ryan Gosling in "Lars And The Real Girl") and takes her around town as though she were really his girlfriend. The boy's obsession lingers until the last scene when doll Winona becomes real Winona (almost as if he willed her into being), and it seems that the boy can finally find some peace (or a real girlfriend). We think? Whatever, metaphors on metaphors on metaphors! Just the way we like it.

Watch The Killers' "Here With Me" video.

Photo credit: The Killers' Facebook

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