Miley Cyrus Crowd-Surfed, Did The Crotch-Grab, And Wore MORE Bondage Gear At 'VH1 Divas' (PHOTOS)

Because only true divas do the crotch-grab, amirite?

It's only been about a week since Miley Cyrus last whipped out her bondage gear, and what an empty week it's been! But thankfully, Miley's no-bondage-gear streak came to an end tonight when she took part in this year's "VH1 Divas." And when we say "bondage gear," we quite literally mean the very same body chain (can we call it a body chain?) she wore when she danced with strippers. Because if wearing bondage chains while doing the all-mighty crotch-grab doesn't REEK of "diva," then we honestly don't know what does.

Check out more photos of Miley doing the crotch-grab and crow-surfing after the jump.

Wanna know what else reeks of "diva?" Pyrotechnics and crowd-surfing! (Those things also reek of "badass" and "totally baller," but who's counting?) Ever the fearless diva, Miley took the stage to deliver a powerful rendition of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" AND completely proved her would-be rocker chops to boot. At the end of her performance, Miley announced that the song was dedicated to her dog Lila, who just recently passed away. What is it they always say? A true diva can wear bondage, hug their mamaand pay tribute to those she's loved all in the same night? (Fine, nobody has ever actually said that, but we're officially making it a "thing.")

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Photo credit: Getty Images