New Song: The Saturdays Featuring Sean Paul, 'What About Us'

The Saturdays call on Sean Paul for an assist on their reggae-tinged track, "What About Us."

The Saturdays are preparing for their U.S. takeover, and with a hot new record featuring Sean Paul and a brand-new E! reality series, "Chasing the Saturdays," we're pretty sure it's gonna happen sooner than later. Because are we, as proud American citizens, really not going to embrace a girl group who look that adorable holding vintage boom boxes? I rest my case.

Listen to The Saturdays' "What About Us" featuring Sean Paul after the jump.

Although the title bears the same name as Brandy's 2002 masterpiece, The Saturdays' "What About Us" is a reggae-tinged pop jam with a hefty assist from the one-and-only Sean Paul. The song is set to an island-flavored beat. As Sean Paul chimes in with the occasional "How ya feel?!" The Saturdays sing in harmony about trying hard to nab their dude (a concept we don't fully understand because, well, just LOOK AT THEIR FACES): "Boy it's now or never/ Time we get together/ Been a long time coming/ now I need that loving." It's up for debate whether or not this is the best song we've heard from The Saturdays, but LUCKILY we'll get to decide soon since their triumphant U.S. takeover is superimminent! Also, again, THE FACES!

+ Listen to The Saturdays' "What About Us" featuring Sean Paul.

Photo credit: Polydor