New Video: Black Veil Brides, 'In The End' (VIDEO)

Watch Black Veil Brides' apocalyptic "In The End" video.

Black Veil Brides are in a contemplative mood on "In The End," the first single from their upcoming third full-length, Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones. The song's video finds the Los Angeles band performing in the midst of a postapocalyptic wasteland, fighting dangerous-looking bands of marauders and sinister priests, and probably, we're guessing, having trouble finding a place to plug in their amps. But the important thing is, none of that stops them from rocking the eff out.

Watch Black Veil Brides' "In The End" after the jump.

The high-concept metal-core act's new video is all part of Wretched and Divine's overarching story, which includes a forthcoming film called "Legion of the Black, about a group of rebels called The Wild Ones who "defend their hearts, minds, and bodies against F.E.A.R," according to the  band. Based on frontman Andy Biersack's introspective mortality lyrics, a big part of that has to do with what happens after we die. "In the end, as you fade into the night. Who will tell the story of your life?" he sings over crunching percussion and furiously squealing harmonized guitar leads. (BTW, Biersack is looking a lot more dangerous than the last time we saw him in costume, or out of costume as the case may be.) "And who will remember your last goodbye?"

Well, in his case, probably the legions of fans who've rocketed the band to success.

+ Watch Black Veil Brides' "In The End."

Photo credit: UMG